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31 August
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☆ you can't go back ☆

✯ early 20's ✯ baker ✯ music lover ✯ girls only ✯

At this point in my life I'm beyond trollin' and am just here to enjoy the ride. I get ocd over m&m's, jelly beans and iTunes album art. I'm an Apple whore and quite happy as one. Not a big TV person but I do enjoy me some Supernatural. I mostly listen to 80's hair metal, 90's grunge and Japanese rock music and time that isn't spent cooking and baking, is spent chillin' with my friends and playing video games.

I lead a simple life, really.

♥ ♪ La'cryma Christi ♪ ムック ♪ Queen ♪ Acid Black Cherry ♪ Soundgarden ♪ メリー ♪ Bull Zeichen 88 ♪ Luna Sea ♪ FAKE? ♪ Garbage ♪ Franz Ferdinand ♪ everset ♪ DJ OZMA ♪ Tenacious D ♪ Psycho le Cemu ♪ Kagrra, ♪
etc. etc. etc.

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